Pot roast enchiladas

Castle Rock reflections

This past weekend we helped out at my father’s twice-yearly gallery show. Our main contributions at these events tend to be opening bottles of wine and cooking dinner for anyone who happens to be around. For this one we had already decided to make a pan of enchiladas, since it feeds lots of people and is flexible for staggered servings (there are generally lots of people coming and going). The original intention was to buy some pork, roast or boil it and shred it for the filling, and cover it with a green mole sauce. However, when we arrived the night before the art show, my father had cooked up a large pot roast (with chanterelles and pasta), and we thought – we have shredded meat! And lots of it! So here’s what we did:

My mother hand shredded the leftover beef (a seven-bone roast simmered for four hours with carrots and onions) into a bowl. J cut up an assortment of mildly hot peppers that came from the local farmer’s market, and sauteed them with some small home-grown onions, then dumped it all into the meat and mixed it up a bit.

moleI melted a quart of broth from my parents’ freezer – it was apparently made from a chicken that had had poblano peppers stuffed under the skin before roasting (good idea, huh?). Into this I stirred an entire jar of Rogelio Bueno mole, and added a little salt (BTW, I’d never used this mole before, but it’s great, with a rich sweet/savory toasty flavor. My father recommended it, he says the green stuff is good, too).

Then J, our friend P and I formed an assembly line: I toasted corn tortillas on a griddle and slipped them into the saucepan of hot mole, J flipped them, fished them out and took them to P, who rolled them around a good pile of filling and tucked them in the pan. We filled two pans, then poured the remained mole sauce over the top, grated some jack cheese over them and stuck them in the oven – I think it ended up being 350° for 25 minutes or so. When they came out J grated some queso seco over the top and we served them with crema mexicana, a green salad and sliced tomato.

Many people ate inhaled enchiladas that evening, and I think we were all really happy. I know what to do with leftover pot roast from now on.

Painting at top by Dan Tuttle

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