Mushroom risotto with kielbasa

wind in the bamboo

Yes, the weather has been nasty around here, windy, cold and wet. It snowed rather convincingly on Sunday morning but then settled back into a glum, clammy grayness. I wanted something warm, easy to eat and comforting for dinner, as you might imagine.

I had a little Arborio rice left, so I made risotto. I was going to do a plain mushroom risotto with a piece of salmon alongside, but wasn’t thrilled with our store’s fish selection (an unusual occurrence). So we went for one of our frequent emergency backups: kielbasa. It’s quick, easy and gives a great savoriness to anything you put it in. We use Hempler’s, a local brand.

slicing kielbasa


The risotto started with some chopped shallot sauteed in my Le Creuset saucier, followed by a couple handfuls of sliced mushrooms.

making mushroom risotto

Then the rice, stirred in and cooked until slightly translucent.

stirring risotto

Then a good splash of vermouth, cooked down and followed by ladlefuls of the chicken broth that I had simmering on the back of the stove all afternoon. It was a good intense broth, giving the risotto a very noticeable chicken flavor. Once the rice was cooked through, I stirred in the sliced sausage and a bowlful of microplaned parmesan and let the risotto sit while I mixed the salad dressing.

risotto by the fire

We ate on the couch by the fire and drank a Côtes du Rhone.

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