Vegetable quiche

vegetable quiche

We’ve had a lot of soup recently for our late Monday night dinners, and I had some good gruyere on hand (left over from a wonderful cauliflower gratin I forgot to photograph), so this week I made quiche. Nothing special, just something to use up some leftover vegetables – we had mushrooms left from the risotto the night before, and a couple of red bell peppers withering away in the produce drawer. I followed my usual procedure, after sauteeing the mushrooms and peppers together and adding a handful of frozen chopped spinach. The only seasoning was a bit of salt, a grind of pepper and one pinch of oregano. Actually, I was practically making it in my sleep – I almost forgot to get it out of the oven!

rolling out pie dough

I always make my quiche crusts with part whole wheat flour, and only butter for the shortening (unless there’s some good lard in the house). I don’t fuss over the pastry much, and it always seems to turn out pretty good.

pie crust

mixing custard for quiche

I wasn’t expecting much from this quiche, since I was just kinda throwing it together, but it was shockingly (shockingly!) good. The flavor of the gruyere really shone through, and my crust turned out especially well. We had it for our late dinner on Monday, then again for breakfast on Tuesday and Wednesday.

mushroom- red pepper quiche

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