Old School BBQ

Old School BBQ

After our long and rather nasty pass crossing last week, we were starving as we came down the valley. We usually stop at the Sultan Bakery for egg salad sandwiches and soup, but this time we were determined to try a new place that had been recommended to us by Pitmaster Gil of the Depot Smokehouse in Everett. It’s a barbecue joint run out of an old school bus, just off of Hwy 2 by the Reptile Museum. Not very likely looking, but definitely intriguing.

As we were looking over the very short and to-the-point menu, the person in the order window explained that they didn’t have any heat to their second bus, which normally served as their dining area. She offered to bring our order out to us in our warm car, which was nice. We ended up with two sandwiches, one brisket and one pork, plus a side of beans and a side of coleslaw. I’m sure hunger had something to do with this, but the sandwiches were some of the best I’ve had – squishy, tender, smoky and nicely sauced, without being so gooey we had to be hosed down afterwards. The coleslaw was crisp, but not strongly flavored – I might have liked a sharper dressing. The beans were flavorful and tender – they sat in a cup of meaty broth instead of having barbecue sauce dumped over them.

We inhaled everything in very short order and went happily on our way. We’ll certainly be stopping by here again.

3 thoughts on “Old School BBQ

  1. I agree, I’ve been eating at the bus since they opened and they do serve the best bbq around; The owners are very friendly and come accross very well with their natural Texas charm; I’ve sent all my friends there with nothing but raving returns and have had them posted on my links page for quite some time;

  2. I have been involved in BBQ competitions both here and in Texas and as a result have high expectations for BBQed foods. My son-in-law discovered the Old School BBQ and bragged about the quality of the food. I felt a bit jealous after all the times he claimed I had the best. His next trip up there he brough home ribs and brisket. He did not exaggerate one bit. This was competition quality BBQ; best commercially available I have found. What I like is he does not slather the meeat in suace but serves it as a side so you can taste the true BBQ flavor. For those who are looking for REAL BBQ I highly recommend this place; you will not be disappointed. (Bulldog BBQ)

  3. Im a bit of a BBQ buff and have been eating competition winning, true Texas style BBQ for 10 years. This school bus is as good as Ive tasted in any forum. I live locally and recommend this place to all who will listen. Top notch service and clean atmospere. Usually taste this good can only be achieved in small batches. They know how to Q.

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