still on the "soft food" diet

tomato soup with macaroni and cheese

Ordinarily I’d think this was a nice lunch: homemade macaroni and cheese with cauliflower, and a bowl of Pacific brand roasted red pepper and tomato soup. I am so tired of it. I’m starting to be able to eat a bit easier, but nothing chewy or crispy any time soon – and I’m amazed at how bored I’m getting. I’m tired of ice cream (I know, shocking).

I have ideas for something more interesting for dinner tonight, but in the meantime – anyone out there have any good ideas for soft foods? I can chew on one side, but I’m supposed to avoid acidic or caustic foods, or anything too hot, cold or spicy. What are your favorite foods for après-dental work?

3 thoughts on “still on the "soft food" diet

  1. Buttered turnips are really good. The recipe is from Alice Waters’ The Art of Simple Food. You cook turnips in a pot with some butter (no water as they have enough moisture on their own) for a while (30 min or so?). If you want, throw in some chopped onions and they’ll carmelized. They are soft and buttery and very tasty.

  2. A nice, rich risotto with saffron is always nice. The broth makes it so filling you don’t need much else. A side vegetable soup, if you can handle the soft chunks would go well.

    Best of luck with your recovery.

  3. Migas….saute onion and strips/chunks of corn tortillas in a bit of oil until softened and lightly carmelized. Scoot that off to the side of the pan, re-oil a bit and throw in some beaten eggs until they are just starting to scramble then add the tortillas and onions back in, salt and pepper to taste….top with some grated cheddar or jack cheese and light salsa or a few drops of hot sauce for flavor.

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