cooking class: cream sauce, anyone?


A lovely, but very rich, set of recipes from Normandy, presented by chef Peter Belknap. For some reason we didn’t need to wash nearly as many dishes as usual – very relaxing!

chevre toasts
chevre toasts

The kickoff was a very tasty salad of mixed greens topped with sweet spiced walnuts, apple and pear slices, a garlicky/mustardy vinaigrette, and a slice of baguette that had been spread with goat cheese and broiled. I could eat this sort of thing every day. A viognier was poured to go with this, which was a nice match.

bacon & beans
seafood quiche

The second course was a real doozy – a seafood tart (more of a quiche, really) full of cheese, mussels, shrimp and eggs, served alongside a scoop of cannellini beans baked with bacon, cream and more cheese. Total silence fell after this was served, always a good sign at a cooking class or dinner party. The last of my viognier actually didn’t go very well with this, so I was happy that the second wine was a very tart, grapefruity sauvignon blanc that cut right through the rich beans and cream.

potato pancakes
potato pancake with sole and seafood sauce

Despite the solidity of the previous course, we did serve more food. The last course was a piece of sole fillet, panfried then baked, with potato pancakes and a scoop of seafood-cream-apple sauce on top. It was a nice flavor combination.

Luckily for us all, there was no dessert.

One thought on “cooking class: cream sauce, anyone?

  1. I was at this class and very much enjoyed the food prepared. But then, I always enjoy Peter’s classes. Nice write-up and good pictures.

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