At last, we have local strawberries! J went out to Sakuma Brothers last week and bought our first Skagit Valley strawberries of the season. They were huge, juicy and sweet – a totally different animal from the California berries for sale in the grocery store. I know that there are great strawberries in California – we used to buy them at the Santa Barbara farmer’s market every week – but they never make it up here.

What did we do with our fresh berries? Apart from eating one every time I walked by the box, that is? Strawberry shortcake, naturally.

strawberry shortcake

2 thoughts on “strawberries

  1. Thanks for the info on the ripe local strawberries.
    One of my favorite ways to enjoying them is to pour a little Hazelnut desert wine over halved berries and let it sit for awhile….yum!

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