the first green beans of summer

prawns and green beans

Of course these weren’t the first green beans we’ve eaten all summer, but they were the first picking from Blue Heron Farm, and they were lovely. I wanted to let them shine as much as possible, so all I did was blanch them, then saute them with olive oil, lots of garlic, prawns and a little white wine. I served them on soft polenta, and the flavors were really bright and fresh.

polenta pot

Polenta isn’t usually the first starch I think of, but I’m always happy when I make it. This batch turned out particularly well. I let it cook long enough to get really smooth, then I beat in a nugget of butter and nothing else – no cheese or cream. I poured it out into soup bowls and let it set, then put the shrimp and green beans on top. Mmmmm.

le cigare blanc

We had a bottle of Bonny Doon “Le Cigare Blanc” lurking in the fridge (a “cigare volant”, or flying cigar, is apparently what the French call a UFO, hence the alien on the bottle). The wine is a blend of roussanne and grenache blanc, but is very dry. I can’t imagine anything that could have gone better with the shrimp and polenta.

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