cooking class: a random assortment of yummy things

cooking class 9-9-08

We helped out at what was probably our last cooking class for a little while – the chef for this class was Brent Pyeatt, formerly wine rep for Unique Wines, now grill cook at Nimbus. The dinner he put together was an unusual mix of ethnicities/flavor profiles, but it was all very tasty.

cooking class 9-9-08

First course was a Rick Bayless take on insalata Caprese, with beautiful fresh tomatoes, queso fresco, cilantro, and a balsamic-chipotle dressing. The chipotle didn’t come through as much as I would have liked, but I thought the flavors were good – a nice change from the usual mozzarella-basil version. We can get good Mexican cheese around here, so I might try some version of this at home sometime.

cooking class 9-9-08

Next up was a batch of siu mai, what my dim sum cookbook calls “cook and sell dumplings”. These were stuffed with pork and cabbage, steamed and served with a little dipping sauce with hoisin and scallions. Just a bite for each person, but really good. I love dumplings.

cooking class 9-9-08

Then there were little filet mignon steaks, seared with salt and pepper and topped with shiitake mushrooms cooked in lots of butter, served with mashed potatoes that were beaten with an astonishing amount of butter. Yum.

cooking class 9-9-08

And just in case that wasn’t enough, there were freshly made profiteroles for dessert, filled with homemade ice cream and topped with bittersweet chocolate/espresso sauce. I’m personally not a big profiterole person (I prefer my pâte à choux as gougères) but these were awfully pretty.

It was a small class, so there was a nice relaxed atmosphere and not too many dishes to wash. A fun evening.

cooking class 9-9-08

3 thoughts on “cooking class: a random assortment of yummy things

  1. Brent looks quite a bit more relaxed than when he was a wine rep. Amazing what doing what you luv and the lack of quotas selling marginal juice will do…

    Was there a wine pairing with the insalata Caprese? I’m always curious about what folks choose to work with cilantro and chipotle. Brent has been known to serve a dry Asian Pear wine with such coagulations.


  2. It wasn’t a wine pairing class, so there were just two wines served – a white to go with the salad and dumpling, and a red for the steak. They were just what was available – I think the white was a Barefoot pinot grigio. Given how much cheese was on the plate, I think it worked fine.

  3. Actually, it sounded like Brent really liked pretty much all of the aspects of being a wine rep (he really was one of our favorites). The thing that he didn’t like was all the driving. He said he was putting in something like 40,000 miles a year, which would definitely wear on you, even without the current price of gas.

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