election nerves…

We did our thing and voted, now all we can do is watch the news and quiver…

Comfort food is called for tonight. Molly at Orangette recommends brownies and beer, which sounds strangely appealing, but we’re thinking a pot of lentil sausage soup, a bottle of good wine and, perhaps, a small apple pie, all to be consumed on the couch by the fireplace with the TV on.

What’s your election night comfort food?

2 thoughts on “election nerves…

  1. G – Did you actually start out with bubbly? We broke some out once we heard the results, but we didn’t really think of it as comfort (we started with the Chateau Pesquie Le Terasses Cotes du Ventoux, which suited the lentil-sausage soup very nicely). We also, probably, did not open nearly as good a bottle of bubbly as you had (ours was a perfectly nice, but unremarkable Fantinel prosecco), but it was still fun and festive.

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