the last of the turkey

turkey noodle soup

I am pleased to report that the last of the leftover turkey has been dealt with. Not that we really had much of a problem, since I only bought a 9 pound bird, but it had still managed to wear out its welcome. It was a Diestel organic free-range turkey, and it must have done Pilates or marathon training or something in its spare time, because there was hardly an ounce of fat on that bird. It was fine with stuffing and gravy and cranberries, but I wasn’t sure about its merits as a leftover.

Still, we got one lunch of well-mayoed turkey salad sandwiches out of it, then I simmered the carcass with water and chicken stock for a good long time to get some truly flavorful stock. Some of that is frozen for later use, but most of it I used for a simple soup of celery root, carrots, bay leaf, turkey meat and egg noodles, which lasted through a dinner and two lunches.  It was quite good, but now it’s finally gone.

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