there's always noodles

I’m feeling somewhat at a loss for what to post about. What have we been eating, anyway? Lentil soup, a roast chicken, lamb pizza, a hamburger down at the pub, and a very odd evening at the new Japanese place (how many birthday parties were going on in there, anyway?) where I forgot to take any pictures. Hmph.


In the absence of anything more exciting, let me tell you about this bowl of noodles I put together for myself a couple of weeks ago. I had a rare day at home alone, and no leftovers in the house to eat, so I made do: buckwheat noodles, boiled just to al dente, a perfectly soft boiled egg, a handful of grated carrot, and a heaping spoonful of chile-black bean sauce stirred into a small pan of chicken stock, all piled together into a bowl and slurped up hot.

This sort of thing doesn’t feel like cooking to me, it’s just combining whatever’s lying around. But cooking or not, it was so good, I’d like to eat it again. Now, please.

6 thoughts on “there's always noodles

  1. Yum. Far better than our throw-to-gether pork and bean meals! I think I’d just like to live in your head around dinner time!

  2. I believe the birthday party count (judging from the number of times we heard “Happy Birthday” being sung) was four, but I may be misremembering – and we may have missed some, sung either just before we arrived or just after we left. Anyway, it was at least four.

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