Frank's Oyster House & Champagne Parlor

Frank's Oyster House

We were going to go back to Pair for dinner, but then I discovered the owners of Pair opened this new place down the street. How can you resist a name like Frank’s Oyster House and Champagne Parlor? I sure couldn’t. We had to try it.

Frank's Oyster House

We didn’t have any champagne (horrors!) because we got thoroughly distracted by the cocktail list. Jon had a Scofflaw, with bourbon and pomegranate, which he liked very much. I ordered something called a Dover-Calais – maybe this is what you drink to ward off seasickness on the crossing? – and I liked it very much as well. It was a concoction of Hendrick’s gin, chartreuse and elderflower, and it was interestingly floral and dry.

Frank's Oyster House

Oysters seemed like a requirement, so we got just a half dozen assorted. There were Kumomotos, Olympias and Kusshi, served on a clever little tray of ice, and they were lovely (apart from a few loose bits of shell). The gin-lillet mignonette was nice, but not really necessary.

Frank's Oyster House

Razor clam fritters with saffron aioli. Nothing not to like here.

Frank's Oyster House

So many things we wanted to try! But to finish, we settled for a shared New York steak with horseradish sauce, a side of creamed kale and a pile of blazingly hot fries, with a nice inexpensive Bordeaux. We figure we’ll just have to come back to try everything else.  And we definitely are coming back: not only was the food tasty, but I loved the decor, and the service was actually rather impeccable. We showed up shortly after they opened, but the place filled up rapidly, both the lounge and the dining room – so I’m hopeful that Frank’s will stick around for a while.

7 thoughts on “Frank's Oyster House & Champagne Parlor

  1. Okay, a little quibble here. True, the gin-Lillet mignonette may not have been strictly necessary (I mean, we eat oysters without mignonette all the time). On the other hand, I really thought it was awesome. Given a choice between eating oysters plain or eating oysters with that mignonette, I’d pick the mignonette at least most of the time. And that’s not someting I can say about other mignonettes I’ve had with oysters.

  2. If we ever get out of the shop…you have convinced us to try the mignonette! I feel a get together with friends and oysters coming on.

  3. I went there last night, again, and it was just as great as the first time. This restaurant is in my neighborhood, which I love, but it also serves delicious food. My husband and I want to try everything on the menu before they change it!

  4. We have enjoyed the Cheeseburger, biscuits with calvados, pork chop, duck, and pasta with Swiss chard. But, the best thing is the banana split!!!! A must have;) ironically, I have not had any oysters but some of the cocktails have been delicious.

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