the allergic gourmet

I was very annoyed earlier this week when I went to the allergist and learned that, in fact, I don’t just have an oral allergy to stonefruit and apples (it varies from annoying to scary, depending on the fruit). I am now also allergic to hazelnuts and, possibly, almonds. I had a feeling about the hazelnuts ever since last summer, but it’s different having your allergist look alarmed at your scratch test results and prescribe you an epi-pen.

Why am I so upset? What it really is, is that I don’t want to be That Person in a restaurant, who makes the waiter’s life difficult, who holds up ordering for everyone else, and can never eat anything the way the chef wants it to be served. I want to be the sort of eater who can go into a restaurant and say, “bring me whatever the chef wants to cook.” I want to be able to eat anything that’s put in front of me with interest and enjoyment. I do not want to be afraid of my food. And every time I find out that I can’t eat something, I feel less like myself.

Right. Whine over.

But if you’re reading this, eat some peaches and hazelnuts for me. I miss them.

6 thoughts on “the allergic gourmet

  1. Ooof. That sucks. I’m allergic to oranges and grapefruits, which is particularly bothersome in the Winter months when the rest of you folks are creating lovely citrus and fennel salads. 🙂 At least I’m okay with lemons and limes.

    1. Oranges would be annoying as all get-out, but lemons would be much worse! I have several family members who are off grapefruit due to statin drugs, and they’re very peeved about it. I have to eat theirs 🙂

  2. I am the mother of a daughter with a severe nut allergy and I also hate to make her “the one” when we go out. I had to get over that feeling and it was hard. I’m someone who pretty much enjoys all types of foods and prides myself on my culinary flexibility, so I sometimes think: how did this happen to my family?

    That said, never feel bad about communicating your allergy needs in a restaurant. Many people have to do this, nowadays, so you’re definitely not alone. And it’s better than staying home all the time!

  3. i feel your pain–not as a fellow allergy sufferer, but a school nurse. i have LOTS of kids with allergies to food and everything else! they really just take it in stride. ah, the advantages of being a child with no pre-conceived notions! be sure to carry benadryl with you at all times. thereby (hopefully) avoiding using the epipen.
    also, check out the new studies they’ve done with given kids minute doses of an allergen with the hopes of tricking the body into ‘forgetting’ it. and just be grateful for all the other foods you are able to eat–things could always be worse!

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