corn dogs & wine

street fair

Another street fair has come and gone. This one had beautiful weather, which made a nice change after the last few years. A lot of vendors had given up on this fair after getting blown away or hailed upon, but there was still a good turnout of both vendors and customers.

street fair

We don’t usually get food at the street fair, since we can just walk home for lunch. I used to always need a cup of Lopez Island Creamery lemon-raspberry ice cream, but they stopped coming, so now I am mostly untempted. However, our friends at the Libation Station have begun a tradition of holding a wine tasting during the street fair, featuring wines suitable to consume alongside a freshly dipped and fried corn dog. So of course we had to get some for lunch.

corn dogs and wine

Unfortunately, after carrying a hot corn dog several blocks to the wine shop, all I was interested in was eating it – so no picture of the dog itself. It was impressive, though – I don’t think I’d ever had a fresh dipped one, as opposed to the defrosted and refried kind. Crispy, very hot and mealy, and wonderfully greasy, with plenty of cheap yellow mustard.

The wine flight consisted of three Pinot Gris and one light red. Do I remember what they were? Of course not. But let me tell you, wine (something with decent acidity to cut through the grease) and corn dogs work just fine together, plus it provides endless amusement to the people around you. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

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