tired, but with serious swag

Being recently returned from the first International Food Blogger Conference in Seattle, I am, let me tell you, pooped. And I have to go to work today, too. But the conference was amazing, with great food and people and information, as well as the best conference swag anyone has ever seen. Here’s what my haul looked like, once I got it all unpacked:

conference swag

Most of this stuff was donated to the conference by Sur La Table, an amazingly generous thing for them to do. I’m looking forward to settling it all into my kitchen and trying it out. I’m particularly excited about the Shun knife, the wine glasses, Ruth Reichl’s new book and a spiffy little Scanpan.

My brain is not so easily unpacked.

conference swag

4 thoughts on “tired, but with serious swag

    1. Yes, I believe some people did have to buy suitcases, other people had theirs shipped home. Tough problem to have, hm?

      I really think we are going to have to buy a new knife block. Crazy.

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