conference food

IFBC conference

In general, conference food is not something to write home about. When it’s a conference of food bloggers, though, it most definitely does get written about, so there’s some incentive to make it exciting! Here are some of the things we were fed at Foodista’s International Food Blogger Conference (for more details, click on the photos):




spiced salmon

nettle ravioli


hot doughnut

lunch plate from the Herbfarm

tuna salad

caviar station

cornmeal blini

caviar & blini


oil tasting

wine bar

melty cheese

It was all amazing and wonderful. But by the time I got home on Sunday night, I was very happy to see the dinner my husband had cooked for me: Swedish meatballs with new potatoes and broccoli. Back to real life!

plate o' meatballs

And a cat under my chair…

kitty tum

7 thoughts on “conference food

    1. Thank you! I wish I’d had my good camera with me, but I couldn’t cope with yet another thing to haul around. The point and shoot does well in good light, though.

    1. There were plenty of things I didn’t get around to trying, either. And the breakfast that On Safari brought was beautiful, but somehow I just ate it without documenting. Horrors!

  1. Your pictures are gorgeous! I have been to a lot of conferences and never experienced food like that before. It was so amazing!

    1. Oh, they were gooood. It occured to me, they were made by Cantinetta in Wallingford (in Seattle), so I checked their menu. I think it’s the bombolini with mascarpone and citrus – mmm. Will have to go have them again sometime.

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