Lillet Sin

Lillet Sin

In defiance of all the traditional wisdom of what a Skagit County spring should be like, the last few weeks have ranged from pleasant to actively hot, with practically no rain. Normally we’re lucky if we even see the sun before the Fourth of July! Instead we’ve been able to turn off the house heat, the garden has needed to be watered several times a week, and the summer cocktail recipes are beginning to emerge. When I saw that this month’s Mixology Monday theme was ginger, I knew just what drink I was going to post about.

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Two of my favorite summer drinks are the mint julep and Lillet Blanc on the rocks, but Jon recently discovered a drink on the Lillet website that combines fresh mint and Lillet, then punches it up with fresh ginger and lime. They call it a Lillet Sin, for some odd reason – it’s one of the least sinful cocktails I can think of. It’s extremely light and refreshing, and the ginger gives it a nice heat that complements the bright mint and lime flavors. It tastes slightly exotic, while retaining a certain cold-lemonade quality, very welcome on a hot afternoon. You could certainly soup it up with gin or vodka, but then you might not be able to drink as many.


The original recipe’s a bit vague, so each time we’ve made it it’s come out a little different. You could muddle the mint or just add a sprig to the glass, you could shake it or stir it. We’ve found that we like it with quite a lot of ginger, and not too much Perrier. Adjust to your own taste.

Lillet Sin

Lillet Sin

adapted from the Lillet website

  • 2 oz Lillet Blanc
  • ice
  • 4 mint leaves
  • 1 wedge lime
  • 1 slice ginger
  • 1 tsp simple syrup or fine sugar
  • tonic water or Perrier
  • another lime wedge, for garnish

Muddle the mint, ginger and lime in a shaker or glass. Add the Lillet, ice and simple syrup and stir well, strain into a wineglass filled with ice, top up with tonic water and garnish with a lime wedge. Sip while reclining comfortably in the shade on a warm day.


Mixology Monday this month is being hosted by Rumdood. Final roundup is here – check out all the great ginger drinks!


2 thoughts on “Lillet Sin

  1. Personally, I think the drink wants even more ginger, but then I really like that ginger heat. The next time I make this drink, I’m leaning towards microplaning the ginger or crushing it in a garlic press to get more of the juice out into the drink.

  2. I came across this site and your Lillet Sin recipe while I was prepping for a gluten free dinner. Intrigued by Lillet, which I had never heard of, I contacted them to find out if they are gluten free. And they are! So, I am posting a blog tonight and will refer to your site as well. (they also told me that the drink is pronounced “Lee-Lay” for anyone who tries to order it somewhere. :-)) I actually liked it better with a lime wedge instead of one slice. It tastes very light and refreshing. Thanks for the intro!

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