lunch on the slough

Slough Food

Slough Food

On our way out to Larabee State Park for a walk in the woods, we stopped in the town of Edison for a bite of lunch. My original intention had been to have some fried oysters and a beer at The Edison Inn, but as we walked past Slough Food we spied a sign advertising lunch in their courtyard. Whoo!

Slough Food

Slough Food

This place is one of our favorite shops in the whole area. John DeGloria, the owner, sells an intriguing mixture of European imported foods, such as pasta and anchovies, and locally produced specialties such as duck eggs and chanterelles. He has an incredible cheese case, plus cured meats from Salumi and other sources. Most of the shop is dedicated to wine, with a special table set aside for high quality chocolates. There is no better place to build a picnic. And even better, now you can have the picnic right there in the back yard!

Slough Food

The courtyard just opened about a month ago, and the menu is still limited to a few kinds of panini, tossed salads, and charcuterie plates, with a limited selection of bottled beer and wine by the glass. However, you have the option of any bottle of wine in the shop, with a $5 corkage fee, which I would consider a steal.

Slough Food

Plus, the panini and salad are nothing to sneer at. The mixed greens (I saw chard and orach in there) were fresh and delicate, with a scattering of flower petals and a light vinaigrette. The panini were hot and crunchy and full of mozzarella and basil. Mine had intensely ripe tomatoes as well, and Jon’s had prosciutto. Really good.

Slough Food

And you get to eat all this while sitting in someone else’s garden, sheltered from the wind blowing across the slough, watching the grasses wave. Then you can go next door to the Breadfarm for a fresh macaroon, and maybe a baguette for dinner.

Interurban trail

And then a walk in the woods.


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