MxMo: dizzy dairy

Irish coffee

This month for Mixology Monday we were faced with the theme Dizzy Dairy. In other words, any cocktail involving eggs, milk, cream, yogurt or butter. The first thing that came to my mind was Irish Coffee, one of my favorites, but that seemed far too obvious.  We did some research and applied ourselves to some experimentation.

Angostura Fizz

We began with an Angostura Fizz. A tart mixture of lime juice and Angostura bitters, this also had cream and grenadine, and was shaken vigorously with one egg white. Poured into a pint glass and topped up with seltzer, it offered an intriguing combination of bitter, frothy and creamy. I’d never tasted anything quite like it. I wouldn’t mind trying it again sometime, but I’m not really sure what the right time would be: to go with a burger? An afternoon pick-me-up?

Snowball cocktail

Jon tried making himself a Snowball, which was simply gin, pastis and cream. We each took a sip, then poured it down the sink. Ew.

Scotch Solace cocktail

We had better luck with the Scotch Solace, a soothing blend of Scotch, honey, milk, cream and Cointreau. It was served cold, but I could totally see it as a frothy warm drink to sip by the fire.

Belmont cocktailBelmont cocktail

The Belmont was at least somewhat successful. Composed of gin and cream with a dab of raspberry syrup, it was rather like a cocktail glass of melted ice cream with a faint gin edge. Not terrible, but kind of weird. We wouldn’t make it again.

The upshot of all this testing was the realization that the Irish Coffee really is my drink of choice when it comes to dairy and alcohol. Plus, it appeals to me because it can so easily be built to taste. How much whiskey do you want? Pour it in. Make the coffee as strong as you like. Add whatever kind of sugar you prefer: raw, white, brown, it will all work. Make your whipped cream as sweet as you want, and pile it on as thickly as you want. Every cup will be a little bit different. And that, frankly, is how I cook.

Irish coffee

Irish Coffee

Pour 1-2 ounces of Irish whiskey (I like Jameson’s) into a mug or Irish Coffee glass. Pour in hot coffee, leaving some room at the top. Add sugar to taste. Top with sweetened whipped cream. Wrap yourself up in a blanket by the fire, invite a cat up to sit, and enjoy.

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