color coordinated

After a solid week of posting, I’m feeling a little entitled to digress. How about some kitty pictures? This one (as you’ll know if you’ve examined my cat page) is Griffin. He’s a well-meaning cat, and incredibly beautiful (we bought this carpet partly because he looked so good on it) but rather stunningly clueless. Fortunately his life doesn’t really require keen wit or insight.

Griffin is our primary cooking assistant: he likes to sit on a stool by the kitchen island and watch us closely. He also likes to sniff whatever is on the island, and we once caught him licking the butter dish. Good thing we aren’t subject to health inspections.

One thought on “Caturday!

  1. What a gorgeous picture. BTW. Bug appears to have become a permanent resident. Complete with toys, a scratching post, and a litter box of mostly wheat litter (if it doesn’t have clay in it she eats it and pees on the floor. oy.). Totally spoiled with a felted wool cat bed and daily brushings. The only steps left are to post her photo on facebook and get her vaccinated. Then she can go outside if she wishes. My guess is she’ll want to stay indoors until July regardless. Scritches to Griffin and the rest of the gang.

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