Miss Sleepycat


We both had Wednesday off for Veteran’s Day, so we celebrated by taking the cats to the vet. It’s really hard work for them, since they have to hide under the furniture and be dragged out, then wail continuously on the drive across town, then shiver with fear in their carriers, then be manhandled in embarrassing ways by the vet. By the time we all make it home, they’re just exhausted. Everyone found a sunny spot and slept the day away. I would have liked to do the same thing.

The good news, after all that fun, is that all the cats are healthy (even Stella of the plump tummy and palpable thyroid) and their teeth are in good shape, thanks to the rather pricy tartar-control food we give them. Fortunately for us, they adore it and consider it a great treat every time they get it. Beats paying for teeth cleaning.

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