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makin' smoothies

Eons ago, on our honeymoon, Jon and I stayed at a wonderful place in the San Juan Islands called the Inn at Swifts Bay. It was a charming little B&B with a hot tub tucked back in the woods and a movie library of great quality – and the breakfasts were amazing. It was fifteen years ago and I still remember some of the food (I told you I had food on the brain, didn’t I?). One thing that made a huge impression on us both was the smoothie that kicked off each morning’s dining. Served in a large goblet, it was a puree of peach, a whole lime, banana, and pineapple. It was divine, and as soon as we were settled in our new (married student housing) apartment and owned a blender, we started making them for ourselves.

breakfast smoothie

These days I can’t eat peaches (and pineapple makes my mouth feel a little odd, too), and I usually prefer a glass of orange juice with a hot breakfast than a full-on smoothie, but we still make smoothies on weekdays, especially if we’re feeling a little frail and dehydrated. Every summer I buy flats of local berries and freeze them, so all winter we can mix berries with mangoes, oranges or bananas for a variety of flavors. My usual smoothie formula for the two of us is something like: 1-2 cups fruit, half a cup of full-fat yogurt, half a cup of orange juice, two scoops of vanilla-flavored whey protein powder, and water to dilute and top up.

It’s easy, tasty and restorative. Always a good backup during the holidays, when one sometimes needs a bit of restoring.

3 thoughts on “liquid breakfast

  1. The smoothie at the Inn was awesome – I never would have thought of putting a whole lime in the blender, peel and all, but it really worked. Pity we can’t have those any more, though I bet we could adapt it to your current allergies, maybe with mango instead of peach. Not sure what we’d do about the pineapple, though.

  2. I’m constantly throwing in coconut milk and avocado in my berry smoothies – it gives them a creaminess that can’t be beat. I don’t have the same problem with peaches, but I do with pineapple. It’s a bummer because peaches are great for bulking up smoothies. Frozen mango is a good idea, what about apricots?

    1. Avocado in a berry smoothie is an interesting idea. I like Greek yogurt for creaminess, but can definitely see coconut milk.

      All stonefruit and apples (raw) give me an oral allergy reaction which isn’t dangerous but is not really pleasant, so I don’t mess around much with plums or apricots (at least I can eat apricot jam). And mango is dandy. Frozen bananas are a good thickener as well.

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