smoked salmon risotto

smoked salmon risotto

I wasn’t sure there was any higher calling for alder-smoked salmon than a bagel and cream cheese, but this risotto may have changed my mind.

smoked salmon

Some friends brought this salmon to a party at our house (very good friends, indeed). It was from Pure Food in the Pike Place Market, according to the bag, and it was the best smoked salmon I have ever eaten, juicy and tender with just the right amount of smoke and sweet. I was trying to think of some way to use a bunch of it at once, and Jon said, “What about in that risotto we’re having on Thursday?” Hmmm.

making dinner

smoked salmon risotto

I’d never used smoked salmon in a risotto before, so I kept it simple. Shallots cooked in butter, then the Arborio, then white wine, then light homemade chicken stock until the rice was almost done. I stirred in a bowlful of frozen peas, then added the shredded salmon at the very end with some cream and parmigiano. A green salad on the side. Perfect.

smoked salmon risotto

And the leftovers, fried until crusty, with an egg on the side. You could make this specifically for breakfast, for a brunch party. I think it would be a hit.

Now what shall we do with the rest of the salmon?

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