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We’re back from (partly) sunny California! Spring break is over, we’re back at work and looking at a rather involved couple of weeks ahead. I want to do a few posts on some food highlights, but in the meantime you’re welcome to keep an eye on my Flickr stream for photos as I get them loaded in.

We were visiting my husband’s brother in Santa Cruz. The house is fabulously located less than a mile from the seashore, and just a few blocks from a pizzeria, a good grocery, a large collection of wine tasting rooms (more on those later) and a great bakery and cafe. On the first morning of our visit, we discovered that most of the breakfast goods in the house had almonds in them, so off to Kelly’s French Bakery we went.

Kelly's French Bakery

I’m happy to report that Kelly’s makes a very nice cappuccino. I promised a coworker that I would drink a cappuccino in Santa Cruz for her, which is the sort of mission I take very seriously.

Kelly's French Bakery

For breakfast I got their poached eggs on toast. This was awesome in its perfection and simplicity – I wish more places did this. Just two pieces of nicely buttered toast, each with a soft warm egg pressed onto it. Jon got a piece of toast with ham and another with gruyere cheese, which he said was quite nice as well.

Kelly's French Bakery

The baked goods aren’t too shabby, either.

Kelly's French Bakery

And they have this beautiful cozy patio, although it was rather damp most of the times we walked by. If I lived this close to a place like this, I might well take up residence during fine weather. In between walks to the ocean, of course.


2 thoughts on “coffee & toast

  1. The title alone of this blog entry reminds me of a place in Sevilla, Spain that serves the best coffee and toast. The interesting thing is the toast is just toast, and the coffee is just coffee. But I’ve never had better!

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