oyster anniversary

Taylor Shellfish Farm

Last Friday was our anniversary, so to celebrate we packed a few key items and headed out on Chuckanut Drive.

Larabee State Park

First we took a walk at Larabee. The weather has been gorgeous, once the morning fog burns off, and the woods were filled with dappled light.

wine by the water

Then we headed down to Taylor Shellfish. Usually we just come here to pick up oysters or mussels to take home, and of course for the Bivalve Bash (which happens to be next weekend!), but this was the first time we’ve taken advantage of their picnic area. We bought a bag of Kumamoto oysters, opened some wine, and settled at a table by the water and started shucking. We also brought some ham-and-butter sandwiches, made from Breadfarm baguette and Golden Glen salted butter, as well as some intensely flavored olives, and we alternated bites of these with sweet little oysters as Jon opened them.

shucking oysters


This is a good place.

Taylor Shellfish Farm


One thought on “oyster anniversary

  1. It is especially fun to be able to shuck oysters, slurp them down, and then just toss the shell over your shoulder. Not something one really wants to do at home in the kitchen (though I doubt the cats would complain).

    Happy anniversary, again, sweetie. I love you.

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