extremely deconstructed ravioli

not ravioli

Or as I originally wanted to title this post, The Annual Pumpkin Ravioli Cock-up. It seems like we get worse at this every year.

roast pumpkin

The first thing that went wrong was the pumpkin. As usual we cut in in half, scooped it out, rubbed it with oil and stuck it in the oven. Instead of getting soft and caramelized, however, it dried out and got stiff. It was too hard to mash by hand, so Jon ran it through the Cuisinart. A little balsamic vinegar and grated Parmesan and it seemed fine, but it was much more work than usual.


Then the pasta. I made one egg’s worth, using all-purpose flour and semolina, and it felt fine. But it dried out very quickly, and once again the #5 setting on our Atlas pasta maker seemed to rip the sheets to shreds (I wonder if the calibration is off?) When we tried laying a sheet in our ravioli mold and added the squash filling, the pasta cracked and tore under the weight. We dumped the broken ravioli into the compost and cut up the rest of the pasta into ribbons. I cooked the pasta ribbons and served them with a scoop of pumpkin puree on top, with a hot Italian sausage on the side and a spinach salad. It was delicious. But it was assuredly not ravioli.

3 thoughts on “extremely deconstructed ravioli

  1. I think pumpkin anything is by nature unforgiving when it comes to presentation. It is the ultimate “it all goes down the same” squish (somewhat like squash but squishier).

    G made pumpkin apple strudel cupcakes and I’m sure those are a lumpy abomination of some kind but I can’t stop eating them and now it has occurred to me that the little left maple ice cream in the freezer smeared all over them sounds like a nice lunch.

    1. Malt. Not maple.
      Malt: comes from barley; used to make whiskey, beer, and milkshakes.
      Maple: comes from trees; put it on pancakes, waffles and French toast.
      Malt ≠ maple.
      Both good. Not the same. 🙂

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