surviving soccer

soccer in the rain

After a lifetime of pretending that organized sports don’t exist, I’m beginning to be at least slightly interested in soccer. We’ve been going to some high school girl’s soccer games, and much to my surprise I’ve quite enjoyed it. Of course, the games always seem to take place on the coldest and/or wettest days of the season. I’m sure everyone else in the universe already knows this, but I’ve found that it’s helpful to lay in some good warming food supplies.


coleslaw and beans

Last weekend we were at a game at Everett Memorial Stadium on a filthy wet day. On the way there we stopped at our favorite barbecue joint, the Depot Smokehouse, and picked up a quantity of Gil’s extremely fine brisket, slaw and hot barbecue beans. Those beans (plus a heavy wool and fleece blanket) got me through the game, although my feet did finally start to go numb during the penalty kicks. Whiskey would probably have helped more at that point.

For those of you who aren’t new to the world of stadium seating, what are your favorite foods or drinks to take to outdoor games?

3 thoughts on “surviving soccer

  1. Hey thanks for the tip on this BBQ joint. It is new to me! I am not sure about the whiskey…you might lose focus on the game…

    1. Hi Kari! The Depot is well worth seeking out. I usually get his pulled pork but the brisket is awesome. And (sigh) good point on the whiskey. Need all my wits about me, right?

      1. Well, that and the fact that as a teacher at the high school, it might be frowned upon if I had a flask there with me.

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