Bonny Doon Pommeau

Back in April when we were visiting family in Santa Cruz, we stopped in at the Bonny Doon tasting room and tried just about everything. One bottle that caught our fancy was the Pommeau, a mixture of apple cider and brandy. It’s more apple-y than apple brandy, more like wine than cider, but with a similar alcohol level to port. We loved it and bought one with the intention of bringing it out this autumn for cocktail mixing. Recently we decided the time had come to try it out.

Bonny Doon Pommeauhalloween dahlias

Our first thought was to use it to make a Jack Rose. Normally made with applejack and lime juice, it’s an old-fashioned cocktail with a subtle apple tinge to it. Adding lime juice to the Pommeau, however, was frankly nasty. After that we tried a cocktail called (enticingly) Fallen Leaves, which is apple brandy with sweet vermouth, dry vermouth and lemon. This was more successful, but once again the clarity of the Pommeau’s apple flavor failed to balance the other ingredients. I did finish my Fallen Leaves, but concluded that perhaps cocktails were not the way to go after all. We served the remainder of the Pommeau simply chilled in wine glasses as dessert after an autumnal dinner of butternut squash risotto. It was hard to improve upon.


2 thoughts on “Pommeau

  1. So glad you’ve tried this – we have been Bonny Doon subscribers for years but have never been able to get this sent to us (b/c of our commie liquor board). Now I don’t feel so bad about it – you did exactly what I think we would have tried. Relieved.

    1. The Pommeau was very nice, but a good apple brandy and a nice hard cider would probably both fit the bill depending on your mood. It’s worth trying if you’re ever down at the winery, though. The new tasting room is gorgeous!

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