tulips and corn dogs


spring rainstorm

The tulips are officially open up here in Skagit, and the annual Tulip Festival street fair came and went without any major disasters. The weather was a mite iffy, but there were enough sunbreaks to keep things lively and the traffic thick – and most importantly, it didn’t snow. We had to venture out onto the flats so I could tear down my photography and weaving displays at Pleasant Ridge Gallery, but otherwise we stuck to walking in town. We tasted curry sauce, admired handmade hats, and bought new hose guides from our favorite metalwork artist at Red Grass. It was too cold for ice cream, so we stuck to our primary mission of corn dogs.

corn dogs and wine

As I’ve written before, every year our local wine shop features a flight of Pinot Gris, available to anyone who walks in with a corn dog during the street fair. I personally can’t resist this, and the pairings are generally amazingly successful. Haven’t tried drinking wine with a corn dog? You should.

fine dining

Our corn dogs this year turned out to be oddly sugary, which was problematic with the drier wines, but we had excellent luck with a slightly oaky Oregon pinot gris – the oak and the sugar sort of cancelled each other out. Next year I feel like we should do a full testing of all the corn dogs on offer, though, so we can pin down the best ones ahead of time. Sugar in a corn dog is really weird.


Unfortunately for Maggie the Wine Shop Dog, we did not drop anything.


4 thoughts on “tulips and corn dogs

  1. Do a full testing of the corn dogs? How many corn dogs are you planning on eating?! Keep in mind that the street fair is only 3 days long.

  2. I have been desperately googling (pause for the mental image) and stumbled upon this post. I’m feverishly looking for the name of the company that sells the various curries. They’re jarred and fabulously delicious. I’m hoping against hope that you may either still have a jar on hand or remember the name.

    From one foodie to another, all my best,

    1. Boy, I wish I remembered. We tasted several of their sauces and they seemed very good, but we didn’t buy any and I can’t remember what the brand was. I might be able to find out what vendors were at the market this year, though – if I can, I’ll definitely let you know.

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