oysters on the slough

dollar an oysteroyster shucking

On Sunday afternoon we drove up to Edison to eat oysters and drink wine, fabulously presented by Slough Food and Les Huitres Volantes (The Flying Oysters). The oysters, from Taylor Shellfish, were cheap and blazingly fresh, the Chablis was chilled and dry, and it wasn’t even raining. We ate ourselves silly. The place was packed and they ran out of oysters. It was fantastic.

fresh horseradish

Have I mentioned that we love Edison?

order up

resting between oysters

4 thoughts on “oysters on the slough

    1. They were being remarkably thorough given how many dozens they had already worked through. I thought the duct tape around the finger was an excellent idea.

  1. Being from the south, I’m accustomed to getting oysters right off the boat.

    Nothing like a mess of cold oysters, cold beer and warm friends.

    Loved the pictures, I know ya’ll had a great time.

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