sunset at the manor

Samish sunset

I seem incapable of writing a coherent post these days, but that hasn’t stopped us eating some amazing food. We went to dinner at the Chuckanut Manor with friends (inspired by a ferocious craving for clams) and were pleased and surprised at how good it was – normally we only eat at the Manor when we have a gift certificate from the auto glass shop. We ignored the Friday Seafood Buffet (previously known as the Smorgasbord and now known to us as Chum Night (thanks, Rich)) and ordered off the small plates menu.

steak frites


goat cheesecake

Steak frites were perfectly done. Shellfish were ethereally good, the mussels in a lobster-saffron broth and the clams in a sweet onion and cider sauce. Halibut and chips looked perfectly fine (I didn’t taste them), and the cocktails were large and quite well mixed. Some of us threw caution to the winds and had chocolate martinis for dessert, while Jon took the sensible route and had a cheesecake made with Gothberg goat cheese and a large pile of fresh berries.

view from our table

nice dinner view

The view from our table did not suck.

Samish sunset

Neither did the view from the parking lot, at sunset.

2 thoughts on “sunset at the manor

    1. Ha! I really shouldn’t insult the Smorgasbord, as I’ve never tried it, but buffets aren’t really my thing. It probably doesn’t involve chum, though. I think.

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