supper club: Persian

supper club

We’ve recently gotten involved with a new supper club based up in Bellingham, and the group had our first real dinner on Saturday (not counting the initial planning event). Our theme was Persian food, and it was so successful we might have to do a Persian II sometime.

supper club

supper club

There were two versions of kuku (a Persian frittata), one herb-walnut and one pistachio, yogurt salad, and little bites of cucumber with cheese and walnuts. There was a beef-artichoke stew, three kinds of rice pilaf (one with lima beans and two with lamb), grilled chicken kebabs, and almond tart with pomegranate whipped cream. My husband made kebab b’il karaz (spicy lamb meatballs in sour cherry sauce – perhaps more Turkish than Persian, but very much appropriate flavors), and I made badenjan borani, my favorite fried eggplant dish covered in garlic-mint yogurt sauce. There was plenty of wine, and everything was wonderful. And beautiful! I wished that I had brought my good DSLR instead of trying to capture the dishes with my phone camera.

supper club

We’re very excited about the future of this supper club. Can’t wait for the next one! What should the theme be?

2 thoughts on “supper club: Persian

  1. I thought we had pretty much decided the theme for the next club was going to be Indian. Or was that not as settled as I seem to think?

    1. It’ll probably be Indian, but I’m open to other ideas. We’ll definitely get around to Indian at some point, right?

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