Everyone’s favorite question for the past week has been “Are you ready for Thanksgiving?” and my answer has been a resounding NO. The weather’s been nasty, our old snow tires turned out to be worn out and needed to be replaced, the basement drain clogged and had to be snaked out, there was an art show to put up and take down, and I have homework to do, and it’s frankly been a little difficult to think about Thanksgiving in any serious way. But I did thaw a large chicken, and I plan to stuff bay leaves under the skin and pretend it’s a very small turkey. We have lots of wine. Everything else will get figured out.

afternoon sun

3 thoughts on “disorganized

  1. Oh, lady — I’m with you. I got nothin’ this holiday, and am letting my sister do everything but the truffles (I’m taking care of the truffles, and yes, they’ll have peanut butter in them).

    Just keep inhaling/exhaling, live the moment, love your life, be thankful that it doesn’t matter how organized you are or disorganized you are: It’s still Thanksgiving, and life is still awesome.

    1. A friend shared a link on Facebook the other day to a video by Tante Marie’s cooking school (http://tantemarie.com/) that dealt with the issue of not being prepared for Thanksgiving (well, and also being intimidated by Thanksgiving). The title of the video was “Just Put the F*cking Turkey in the Oven”.

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