back from the void…


You’ve probably been wondering where I’ve been…actually, I haven’t gone anywhere, but this website sort of drifted off into the void thanks to a Dreamhost web server swap gone pear-shaped. Thankfully I was able to keep in touch with some of you over on the Facebook page and Twitter (thank goodness for social media) and let folks know what was going on. Now we seem to be back! Things are still working a bit slow but I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to pick up where we left off.

Speaking of which, what’s everyone been eating lately?

4 thoughts on “back from the void…

    1. Chia-seed peanut butter? I admit that doesn’t sound very promising but I’ll take your word for it!

  1. Well finally! Glad part of you is loading. Ah isn’t tech wonderful. And yes, TG for socialmedia. Eating? Whatever is fresh from our local farm stands and markets! Strawberries and cherries for sure! What are you eating or not? inre nectarines 🙂

    1. Bought our first fava beans of the season and tossed them into pasta carbonara! Also made chicken with Pedro Ximenez sherry, spring onions from the market and green garlic from my garden. Not to mention strawberry shortcake. Lots of good stuff happening right now!

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