As you know, we lost our sweet cat Griffin a couple of months ago. He was almost more of a dog than a cat, following me around the house and keeping an eye on me at all times. When he died he left a huge hole that our other two cats, wonderful though they are, couldn’t quite fill for me. So we went looking for a dog.


This is Gracie. She’s a two-year-old (ish) lab mix, sweet-tempered but also very fit and bouncy. She was abandoned and picked up by Animal Control, and we got her from the local Humane Society shelter nearly two weeks ago. It’s been a busy, exhausting and rather expensive time, but I think we’re all beginning to settle in.

from a safe distance

The cats are still suspicious, but Stella has been making frequent forays to investigate the intruder. As of this writing, Mickey has set up his own bachelor apartment in the basement and seems uninclined to leave – hopefully he’ll get bored soon and come out to meet the dog.

tired Gracie

why are we stopping?

Fortunately for all of us, Gracie is a good dog. She loves couches, and car rides, and treats, and long walks in the woods. Many, many long walks.

a good shake

We also just discovered that she likes muddy lakes. A lot.

belly rub!

And belly rubs. Don’t forget the belly rubs.

not an abused dog

I think we can make a good life for this dog.

2 thoughts on “Gracie

  1. Hello, I follow you silently and religiously and love your writing and photos. Was saddened to read Griffin passed but what a felicitous event, to find a wonderful new (old) soul to take into your hearts. Seems finding Gracie is special for all. It is apparent in her eyes and your loving touches. Thank you for sharing your blessings.

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