My review of Tweets came out in the Cascadia Weekly week before last. I had hoped to link to the article, but they never put it online. Fortunately you can read the original PDF here, and I thought I’d put up a few extra photos from my “research” trips.

today's menu

To sum up: it took us a while to try Tweets, since it’s so close to our other favorite hangouts Slough Food and The Edison, but it’s now become our go-to breakfast outing. You order at the counter, pay in cash, then wander around with your coffee cup hoping a table will open up. There’s no guarantee you’ll find a spot, especially when the weather’s bad and there’s no outdoor seating, but people seem to be pretty good natured about shifting around to make room.

biscuit sandwich

The first time we visited I got the biscuit breakfast sandwich. It was enormous. I was ravenous when we arrived, but this was as far as I got:

I did my best

blackberry jelly

I did feel obliged to eat a little extra biscuit so as not to waste the beautiful local blackberry jelly the chef pressed on me.

torta rustica

Everyone should try the Torta Rustica at least once. This may be an exception to the rule of “never eat anything bigger than your head.”


Jon’s now been to Tweets three times, and he’s gotten tacos every single time. This was the pork-mango version, but the chorizo is pretty swell, too.

onion pizza

A friend and I shared the onion pizza one day for lunch. We only made it through half – which made for some amazing breakfasts the next morning (with a fried egg on top, of course). I love the green salad here: they put it on everything, and it’s fabulous. Garlicky, lemony, fresh. A good tossed salad goes a long way with me, as so few people do it well.


As if we needed more reasons to go to Edison.


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