paella on the slough

wine in the courtyard

If there’s a better way of spending a warm June afternoon then sitting in the sun in a garden, drinking rosé and waiting for someone else to finish cooking paella, I don’t know what it is.

Sunday breakfast

Last Sunday was a good food day for us. We kicked it off with a plate of hot biscuits, sweet local strawberries (they are ASTOUNDINGLY good this year), and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Then we headed to Slough Food in Edison for a paella feast.

paellaworks in action

I’ve spent plenty of time talking up my friend Knut and his paella catering business, Paellaworks, but just to let you know – it’s still amazing. This paella was no exception, studded with enormous fresh oysters, mussels, clams, asparagus, beans and snap peas and simmered in a lemony broth. Knut’s been doing events at Slough Food for a year or two, and we try to make it as often as possible.


plate o' paella

Wine, friends, paella and cannoli made for a great end to our weekend.

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