jazz and a grilled cheese sandwich

Green Frog

We finally made it up to the Green Frog this week to see Charlie Hunter and Scott Amendola play. Ten particularly awesome things from the evening:

1. The way Charlie Hunter does something kick ass and mind blowing on the 7 string guitar (he does lead guitar and bass at the same time), then looks around at the audience grinning like “damn, was that cool or what?”

Charlie Hunter at the Green Frog

2. $3 pints of really good beer


3. Scott Amendola is a monster on the drums. Holy crap.

4. Grilled cheese sandwich with shiitake mushrooms and onions and a fried egg on top. And tomato soup.

grilled cheese

5. The guy at the stand up table who was dancing with his order number on his head.

6. The guy at the bar who helpfully grabbed me before I could confidently stride into the (not very well marked) men’s room.

7. The guy at our table who kept making profound statements to his female friend about What Your Twenties Are For.

8. No stupid opening band (Wild Buffalo may have scarred me for life).

9. When I got my wrist stamp, the ticket guy commented on how great the little frog looked leaping off of my vine tattoo. And it did!

leaping frog

10. Not having a panic attack (always an achievement at crowded music venues). Yay me!

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