Yesterday was our 20th anniversary. Jon has class in the mornings during the week, so we didn’t go anywhere for the official day, but we had a good time. First we got some lunch at Slough Food, sitting out in the garden with our dog and a glass of wine.


After that we stopped by the Taylor Shellfish farmstand for some oysters, then came home and sat on our own patio with potato chips and cocktails before starting to shuck. The weather’s been weirdly hot and dry, but it was perfect in the shade under the deck.


Jon had picked up a couple of gorgeous ribeye steaks at Silvana Meats. He grilled them, using indirect heat and applewood smoke to give them some extra flavor. I picked our first tomatoes and zucchini and made a sort of caponata salad-y thing, mixing grilled zucchini chunks with fresh tomato, parsley, basil, capers and red wine vinegar.


We had a little blue cheese on hand, so I sprinkled some on the steaks.


While we were in Santa Cruz my brothers-in-law bought us a few bottles of Odonata wine as an anniversary present, so we opened the petite sirah for this. Amazing wine, and it was beautiful with the smoky steaks and vinegary salad. It was a good celebration.


4 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. Congratulations on your 20th! What a great milestone, and a great way to celebrate. Here’s to 20 more years of making music and good eating.

  2. Congrats! An afternoon at Slough Foods sounds delightful, I love it there. Love Silvana Meats too, everything I have picked up there has been great. If you haven’t tried their breakfast sausage, I highly recommend.

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