3 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. Your slice of tourtiere is so very petite! My family members and I are never so restrained. 🙂 This year I made a really nice cranberry chutney (from Sunset) that went well with it, but I think my mother’s cranberries with port and orange are our ideal tourtiere condiment.

  2. Ha! The tourtiere in the picture was a cold slice being eaten for lunch the next day, when everyone was a bit full from latkes and chocolate but still wanted a little something else. And yes, the sauce on the side is a fresh cranberry-orange relish, my favorite. I like mustard with it, too.

  3. Sweet baby gherkins are also a favorite with us (we also love those sliced on sandwiches made with leftover lamb, soft white bread, mayo, and S/P whenever there is leftover lamb…springtime). The pictures are lovely.

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