My name is Jessamyn tuttle (yes, it is an unusual name, I was named after the author Jessamyn West.) I have a husband, two cats and a dog, and we live in the Skagit Valley of Washington State, somewhere between Seattle and the Canadian border, in an old bungalow with a mint-green kitchen and a small tangled garden. I work as a professional photographer, writer and handweaver, play and sing in a Celtic band, and I love books and gardening. My food writing and photos appear in various publications around the region.

I’ve been keeping this food blog since 2007, and the time I spend on it fluctuates wildly depending on my mood, but it’s essentially my kitchen diary. What recipes I’ve tried, what great combinations of leftovers I flung together that really worked, places we’ve gone out to eat. There’s always something new to discover with food and cooking, this is where I keep track of it all.