dinner photography

When I started this blog, I quickly realized that my photographs were nowhere near as good as I wanted them to be. I was using a little point-and-shoot Kodak for all my digital work, since I didn’t have a way to digitize images from my beloved Pentax K1000, and it just wasn’t cutting it. I upgraded to a Pentax K10D DSLR and taught myself how to use it.

Eventually I discovered that I was loving the photography even more than the writing. I took some classes at Photographic Center Northwest. I bought a good printer, a flash, and a tripod, and learned to use Lightroom.  I started spending a lot of time on Flickr, and started a website and a photo blog. Then I quit my day job and started doing this full time.

If you like my photography and are interested in buying prints or digital images for either personal or commercial use, you can purchase directly from my SmugMug site, or contact me directly. I’m also available for product photography or other commissions.

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