jazz and a grilled cheese sandwich

Green Frog

We finally made it up to the Green Frog this week to see Charlie Hunter and Scott Amendola play. Ten particularly awesome things from the evening:

1. The way Charlie Hunter does something kick ass and mind blowing on the 7 string guitar (he does lead guitar and bass at the same time), then looks around at the audience grinning like “damn, was that cool or what?”

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black food

black devilled eggs

There are certain colors that food just isn’t supposed to be, particularly blue and black. Admittedly there are some black foods that most people don’t have a problem with, such as licorice or caviar. But when a food that isn’t normally black suddenly is? It’s really hard to convince yourself that it’s OK to eat – some sort of primal response to Bad Food. Someone brought these black devilled eggs to a Halloween party we went to, and it seemed to take the guests quite a while to work themselves up to trying them. Once they did, though, they disappeared rapidly.

backyard chickens

fresh eggs

Some of you may be familiar with another local blog, The (Not So) Urban Hennery, written by my friend Laura McCrae. I am happy to announce that, two weeks from now, Laura will be giving a talk at my workplace, the Mount Vernon City Library, on raising chickens. And given that I’ve been buying rather transcendently wonderful eggs from Laura every week, I can tell you she knows how to take good care of chickens.

Yes, it’s a Monday night, but it doesn’t run that late. Come on out and show your support, visit the library and maybe learn something about chickens! And perhaps we’ll go out for a beer afterwards.

Backyard Chickens
with Laura McCrae

(part of the Renew Washington project)

6:30 pm, Monday, May 17

Mount Vernon City Library
315 Snoqualmie Street
Mount Vernon, WA, 98273
(360) 336-6209

an egg in the hand

college food


I’d say this guy had a much more balanced diet in college than I did. I didn’t even have a waffle iron! I had a hot pot, and I subsisted mainly on Top Ramen, Teddy Grahams, instant coffee, and enormous lemon-poppyseed muffins from More-4. I theoretically ate in the dining hall, but there were some deeply regrettable dishes served there (Pilaf with a Purpose and Beige Foam spring to mind) and I would sometimes prefer to go hungry than eat there.

Is it any wonder I was seduced by a man with his own apartment who could actually cook?