Caturday on the couch


Today’s Caturday brought to you by Stella, who climbed out of the recycling bin (her favorite new hangout) long enough to be photographed on the kitchen couch. She’s so used to having a camera in her face that she doesn’t even blink any more.

tucked up on the couch



As the days get colder and shorter and wetter, I think we can all get behind the idea of burrowing down under pillows. The last few mornings this is where Mickey has been, just his ears showing. Smart cat.

Caturday with attitude

king of all he surveys

I’ve hardly been out of the house this week, trying to get work framed for my next show, which means not a lot of non-food-related photos have been taken. The other day I decided to take some new pictures of the cats just for variety, and Mickey obliged by getting up on a stool in the kitchen and looking regal. He’s good at that. We don’t spoil him at all, can you tell?

grumpy Caturday

fuzzy wuzzy wuzzy

We haven’t had a Caturday for a while. This photo is a good representation of how I’m feeling this morning – kinda tired and squinchy and why-are-you-bothering-me and there-isn’t-enough-coffee-in-the-world. Hopefully my hair is looking slightly less rumpled than Griffin’s, though there’s no guarantee.

For some reason he loves to sleep on the kitchen chairs when they’re pushed into the table – it makes a sort of cozy cave for him. It also frequently leads to me nearly sitting on him, especially when he’s too groggy to move.

cat on a mat

paws crossed

For Caturday this week, I give you the smuggiest of smug Stellacats, lying in the sun on the kitchen mat. She’s recently taken to crossing her paws whenever she lies down, I have no idea why. It’s certainly cute.



This week’s Caturday is brought to you by Clara, our cat-in-law. She’s a pretty thing, a bit round these days, but not as pear shaped as our own gray Stella. She has  gorgeous eyes,  loves chasing a laser pointer bug, and has her people firmly wrapped around her paw. She likes to sit in the kitchen sink.

pale green eye

sleepy Caturday

fuzzy feet

I had meant to get a post up yesterday, but the pertinent photos are still in the camera, so…how about an adorable picture of a sleepy kitty? This bed, positioned near our dining room table, is one of the places Griffin likes to hang out so he can keep an eye on us. We spend a lot of time at our dining room table, so he spends a lot of time in bed. He takes his job seriously.

who, me?

aren't I cute?

Look at that face. Is that the face of a cat who would ever misbehave? Of course not. She would never steal bread off the counters, hurk all over the house, or bite someone trying to turn over in bed. Not her. She’s a GOOD cat. Mostly.

Have I mentioned that one of the first things this cat did as a baby was to steal an entire piece of pizza off of my plate? Her manners have not improved noticeably. Good thing she’s so cute.



Instead of Caturday today, how about Doggie Day? This is Bruni, my dog-in-law. We’ve been in Kansas City this week (barbecue reports forthcoming), which involves a lot of watching the dog decide whose lap she’s going to go comatose on next. She was rescued from a puppy mill, poor thing, and she’s definitely earned her current lifestyle. She’s a good dog.

snug in a rug


A couple of days ago I was feeling cruddy, so I stayed home and turned on the fireplace. Mickey immediately climbed into the big armchair, curled up in the wool blanket, and stayed there for something like ten hours. Oh, the life of a housecat.

I had to sit on the couch. I know my place in this household.