My kitchen

Here’s my kitchen when the sun is shining – the cats love it. We inherited the aqua wall color, but I think it’s great. Kitchens should be bright and happy rooms. When we looked over the house for the first time we made a beeline for the kitchen and found it almost unnecessary to look at anything else. The windows look west and south, for lots of light.

the kitchen facing east

Here’s the other view. The two little wood kitchen carts are from Ikea and they make cooking in this kitchen possible – it’s a rather long and oddly laid-out room. Note the stepladder at the end of the room so I can reach anything higher than one shelf up.


Here’s our ever-growing cookbook and food writing collection. I’m gradually cataloging them on my page at   – feel free to take a look! FYI, the bottom shelf is empty because there’s a heat vent behind it, and Stella likes to sleep there -if we didn’t leave it open she’d probably knock the books out.

Stella on her shelf

7 thoughts on “My kitchen

  1. Hi,
    I was wondering how wide your kitchen is? I have been trying to talk my husband into an Ikea cart in the middle of our kitchen which is very similar to yours!I am really happy to discover your blog; I am in Bellingham and love food, books about food, and talking about food.
    Have a great evening,

  2. Hi Lesley,

    our kitchen is, I think, 7 1/2 feet from cabinet to cabinet, but just 7 feet from cabinet to refrigerator. With the Ikea carts in the middle of the room my husband and I can still get by each other, and the extra workspace is just fantastic. I also like them because they’re a bit lower than the counters, so I (being short) can knead bread or roll out dough much more easily. Plus the extra storage space underneath! (Is he convinced yet?)

    Thanks for visiting, I hope to see you around! What are your favorite places in B’ham?

  3. Hi! I am so glad to see you are a fan of Casey Schanen. I went to music school with him and new he left to become a chef. So happy to see him successful! Does he ever play guitar for you?

  4. Kathleen,

    No kidding! I didn’t know he was a musician, too. We were just at his restaurant last night and had the best calamari in the universe, plus fried oyster mushrooms that were just amazing. He is a miracle worker in the kitchen.

    Where did you go to music school?

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