the allergic gourmet

I was very annoyed earlier this week when I went to the allergist and learned that, in fact, I don’t just have an oral allergy to stonefruit and apples (it varies from annoying to scary, depending on the fruit). I am now also allergic to hazelnuts and, possibly, almonds. I had a feeling about the hazelnuts ever since last summer, but it’s different having your allergist look alarmed at your scratch test results and prescribe you an epi-pen.

Why am I so upset? What it really is, is that I don’t want to be That Person in a restaurant, who makes the waiter’s life difficult, who holds up ordering for everyone else, and can never eat anything the way the chef wants it to be served. I want to be the sort of eater who can go into a restaurant and say, “bring me whatever the chef wants to cook.” I want to be able to eat anything that’s put in front of me with interest and enjoyment. I do not want to be afraid of my food. And every time I find out that I can’t eat something, I feel less like myself.

Right. Whine over.

But if you’re reading this, eat some peaches and hazelnuts for me. I miss them.

lessons learned

starting the grill

Usually on the Fourth of July, we have company: neighbors who come and watch the show with us from our deck, so we can all keep an eye on our houses and make sure nothing burns down. This year it was just the two of us, which was fine…except that we decided to experiment with dinner instead of making something tried-and-true. Don’t get me wrong, we had some good food – but we did learn a few things, both positive and negative. Dinner was slow-barbecued beef back ribs, red coleslaw with orange and buttermilk, cornbread, and ice cream to follow. Sounds good, no?


1. I like red cabbage coleslaw, but I do not like coleslaw made with orange juice and buttermilk. Why did I think I would? At least I didn’t put in the hazelnuts the recipe called for.

2. I have an oral allergy to raw hazelnuts. I think. It’s hard to¬†think logically¬†when your mouth is itching (I had tried one to see if it went with the coleslaw – it didn’t). Continue reading