Short ribs braised in porter

raw short ribs

porter plus border

Saturday was chilly, and after a brisk walk by the bay we felt the need of something substantial and warming for dinner. I glanced at my still-pristine copy of All About Braising by Molly Stevens, and found a recipe for Short Ribs Braised in Porter Ale with Maple-Rosemary Glaze. We love short ribs and have made them before with either a red wine braising liquid or a good dollop of Patak’s curry paste, so porter sounded like a good variation. The maple glaze sounded unnecessary and sweet, so I left it off, but I otherwise followed the recipe pretty closely.

Our grocery store sometimes sells both English-style and Flanken-style short ribs – this weekend they only had Flanken-style. For beer we picked out a large bottle of Scuttlebutt Porter from Everett – it’s smooth and rich without any bitterness, and cooked down with no off flavors. Continue reading