fooding our way around Vancouver

So we were able to squeeze in a few days up in Vancouver, B.C. last weekend, mostly spent walking and eating. There were many highlights, but one of our favorite moments came at Chow, a restaurant on South Granville. We had ordered cocktails some time previously, and were beginning to get slightly annoyed at their absence. Suddenly the waiter appeared, took on a shamefaced aspect, and announced, “Your cocktail has gone horribly, horribly awry.” We tried to get more detail out of him, but he would only say that many things can happen in restaurants, and they would make a new drink immediately. My, how that fires the imagination!

My sazerac, when it came, was delicious.

Here are a few other highlights:

49th Parallel coffeehouse Continue reading

a Peaceful lunch


We managed to slip out of town for a day last weekend, and spent a happy afternoon in Vancouver, B.C. It’s strange that we can live so close to Canada, but make it up there so seldom. Every time we go, we tell ourselves “We should do this more often!”

This time we took advantage of the opportunity to get some good Chinese food. Skagit Valley is a pretty good place for many kinds of food, but good Indian or Chinese restaurants are just not happening. Vancouver, on the other hand, has amazing Asian food of all possible kinds. I wanted to find a place with good noodles, and according to the Chowhound boards, Peaceful is one of the top spots.

Peaceful Restaurant

When we walked in, it was still early in the day, and the place was mostly empty. We quickly emptied our first pot of hot, weak tea and enjoyed being in out of the rain while we studied the rather huge menu. Everything looked fabulous, which made things difficult. We finally settled on an order of the Peaceful beef rolls, a plate of cumin lamb noodles and some Szechuan stir-fried string beans, then settled in and watched the restaurant fill up. Continue reading