trying to be good

Oh dear, it’s May already.

The reason that I’m distressed by that is because I had hoped to lose a few pounds by the end of this month – to be precise, by Memorial Day. We’re going to a wedding and I need to either buy a new dress (not so easy to find, when you’re as short as me) or fit into one of the dresses I already own. Unfortunately I haven’t been making a lot of progress in that direction (If you’ve been reading this blog regularly you may not be surprised by this – hello, bacon pizza?)

Therefore, bear with me as I try to be seriously good for the next couple of weeks. For me, that means as little alcohol as possible, no starch or sugar, and getting out running a few extra times. Sigh…I do love starch. And wine.

So wish me luck! Hopefully I’ll still have some good eating to report – we’re wracking our brains for good nonstarchy vegetable dishes. And if this doesn’t work out…any short women out there have a recommendation for where to buy nice dresses this season in, say, a size 4 petite?